Software for Innovation

This section is an exciting new work in progress. As a function of our consulting work, we are often using great pieces of software to help us.  Our clients have been asking our advice on what we use and how we use it.  We have decided to go public with this but don't want to get caught up in "selling software".  Our consultants use a wide variety of software tools to compliment what they do.  People are great innovators and conceptual thinkers. Computers are fantastic at processing information. Get the two working well together and exciting things can happen.  Get the relationship wrong, and you have expensive time 'black holes'.  Talk to us about:

  • Software reviews

  • Recommendations

  • Suppliers

  • Or purchase through us for some products.

We DON'T sell software, it should do that itself.  We are happy to show you the software that we use and in some cases, are even passionate about. Most of our choices are heavily influenced by the KISS principle. We prefer software that is quick and easy to learn and gets the job done. We tend to avoid "bloatware", applications that are feature rich but too time consuming to learn. Most people use a fraction of their software's capacity but are often sold the software on the basis of the features that they might need.  This is selling to appease the purchaser's fear that they are purchasing to avoid missing something.

"People create, computers compute and life is too short to pander to the complexities of computer software. Simple is good." Darren Eger