Links to forensic psychology related sites

Australian Centre for the Study of Sexual Assault: ACSSA is a unit within the Australian Institute of Family Studies responsible for conducting research on sexual violence and victimisation. Their site contains information and links to current studies and fields of investigation.

ANZATSA is dedicated to community protection and safety through the promotion of professional standards, practices, and education in sexual abuse prevention, assessment, intervention and research.

CASA Forum: The Victorian CASA Forum is the peak body of the 15 Centres Against Sexual Assault, and the Victorian Sexual Assault Crisis Line (after hours). Together we work to ensure that women, children and men who are victim/survivors of sexual assault have access to comprehensive and timely support and intervention to address their needs. We also work towards the elimination of sexual violence through community and professional education, informing government policy, advocating for law reform and facilitating research to increase community understanding of the nature and incidence of sexual assault.

Centre for Investigative Psychology is a site run by a private teaching facility in North America. It contains a variety of reading materials that may be of interest bearing in mind that many of the publications are from those running the Centre.

John Bergman's Neurobasecenter. If you're looking for the latest and greatest information about drama arts therapies, neurological attachment/trauma work etc., go no further than John's site. (This site is currently down but will return.)

Serendipity Healing Arts: Rob Longo’s site containing great information on the therapeutic use of neurofeedback in trauma work.

South Eastern CASA (SECASA): SECASA offer a range of services including counselling for victim/survivors of sexual assault children and adult, female and male. The Centre works with non-offending family members, partners, caregivers and support workers. In addition they run a program for young people with sexually abusive behaviours between the ages of 10-17.
SECASA’s site provides numerous links and resources in the field of sexual assault.

VOTA (Victorian Offender Treatment Association) provides information about the prevention of sexual assault in Victoria.

W.E.A.V.E.: Women Everywhere Advocating Violence Elimination. WEAVE state “We are a National Women’s Alliance that aims to eliminate all forms of male violence (including sexual assault, domestic violence, stalking, sexual exploitation and trafficking). Our vision is to ensure that all women and children are able to live free from all forms of violence and abuse.”. Their site contains numerous links and resources that are worth checking out.