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Below are a selection of books that I have used with clients or they have described as being useful adjuncts to the work they have done. DEAP does not endorse particular books but offers this as a service. As always, look at an prospective purchase from the perspective "will this be of use to me?"

The books shown below contain links to Amazon books in the US. Amazon have been a good source of books however, the cost of shipping makes purchasing a book expensive sometimes. I have been using a second source with a great deal of success. The
Book Depository is similar to Amazon but ships from the UK and has free shipping to Australia. I found them to be reliable, cost competitive and easy to deal with. So much so that I would currently suggest that you search for the title at the Book Depository first.


Keep checking back regularly as new titles are added.
If you have a good book suggestion, please drop me a line and I'll add it to the list.
Happy reading.

The Books

David Allen’s "Getting things done"
This is THE book on personal productivity. David’s systems are easily understood and there is a heap of online info to back up the concepts in the book.

Getting Things Done
David Allen
Best Price $4.69 or Buy New $10.29

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John Bergman "Challenging Experience".
OK, I have to confess that John is a good friend but he is also one of the world’s foremost experts in experiential therapies and is a master drama therapist operating globally. This is a really good “how to” book.
Challenging Experience
John Bergman; Saul...
Best Price $18.78 or Buy New $20.40

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Cramer and Waziak "Change the way you see everything".
I bought this book on a whim one day in our local bookstore. The spine, cover and layout immediately caught my attention and any book that does that deserves a second look. The authors have written a couple of follow ups but it is this book that contains the essence of the Asset Based Thinking approach. Think of it like ‘the glass half full’ mindset on steroids. A brilliant framework for changing the way you see everything....because you can.

Change the Way You See Everything th...
Kathryn D. Cramer,...
Best Price $1.99 or Buy New $16.52

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Neil Fiore "The NOW habit"
Procrastination is something that affects most people. For those who find it more than an annoyance, Neil’s book can certainly help. This is one of the older books on the topic but it has endured the test of time because it covers the topic so well. This book includes a direct link to the Book Depository (rather than Amazon).


Seth Godin "Purple cow"
Those who know me know that I’m a big fan of Seth’s. This is the book that caught my attention when I was looking for a good book on marketing. Don’t forget that we are ALL in marketing whether it be a product, service or ourselves. This is a keeper.

Purple Cow
Seth Godin
Best Price $3.99 or Buy New $13.62

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Susan Jeffers. "Feel the fear and do it anyway"
I love the simple way that Susan provides people with a framework for understanding and tying together some of the motivation behind previously, unknown behaviours. It is a great self help book however, I’m not a huge fan of her style of writing. Please don’t be put off by this and get the book. The core concepts are sound and mostly to be found in the early part of the book. You can take the second half of the book and use it as you see fit.

Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway
Susan Jeffers
Best Price $1.86 or Buy New
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Susan Jeffers. "Feel the fear...and beyond"
The second offering from Susan that goes beyond the ‘how and why’ to talk about the ‘what’ you can do about managing your fears.
Feel the Fear...and Beyond
Susan Jeffers
Best Price $2.47 or Buy New $10.04

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Tom Peters "The circle of innovation"
Tom Peters is annoying. His ideas get under your skin and fester away causing you to think about things in quite different ways. A great one for topping up the creative batteries.

The Circle of Innovation
Tom Peters
Best Price $0.01 or Buy New $11.53

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Jonas Ridderstrale adn Kjell Nordstrom "Funky Business"
I bought this book because I loved the cover, the title and because I couldn’t pronounce their names. Every MBA graduate needs to read this book to help them get over “Harvarditus”. Go on, get funky!

Funky Business
Jonas Ridderstrale...
Best Price $0.64 or Buy New
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